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I write about what interests me at the moment. Sometimes, it will be a random thought. Other times, I may rave about something that annoys me. I eschew research, so please understand that accuracy isn’t one of my goals. I’m a lawyer, husband and father. I am overly-concerned about University of Kentucky athletics but otherwise fairly benign. The reader should know that I often write with tongue firmly in cheek.


  1. I too wrote Groucho, in 1975, just before finishing up law school. I also sent him a picture of me as him. He wrote back on the same photo he sent you and in the same handwriting that “You look more like me than I do.”

    If you’re interested I can send you a photo of my framed letter to him with my photo and the signed photo he sent back.


    PS My best friend from law school befriended also got together with Stan Laurel’s, of Laurel and Hardy, wife.

  2. I too like to write. My topics are much like you describe yours. Lately, I haven’t had much time to write but I’ll get back to it someday. Just read your mindful description of Eastern Kentucky. I grew up in Magoffin County but have worked in Elliott most of my life. So what did you see when you visited Elliott County that made you include it as part of Eastern Kentucky. I feel we are the definition of Eastern Kentucky, remote, beautiful scenes, mountain top roads, agricultural, family oriented and just plain friendly and down to earth. Thanks

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog .My father was born and raised in Magoffin County . I was born and raised in Lexington (Athens really).You may even know some of my people.
    We were transplanted to Cincinnati when I was a young teen and for the past 1/4 century I’ve made my home in Warren County Ohio; otherwise known as Northern Eastern Ky. (You should see the surnames)
    I’m pressed for time at the moment but do want to tell this account that our family heard at one of my great aunts funeral (Magoffin County) many years ago.

    An elderly man approached my aunt and introduced himself . Turns out he was a dean at Antioch college .
    He didn’t really know my great aunt but knew of her and her family as he had grown up there(Magoffin County)
    This man told my aunt that my great grandfather ,though struggling himself (that would have been very late 1800’s early 1900’s) , told anyone who would listen , that if they knew a child who wanted a book to contact him and he would make sure they got one.He lived up to that promise . It was the first we had heard of this account
    My great grandfather loved to read and believed it
    was the key to a better life.
    I inherited his love of reading and am so proud of this bit of legacy.

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to eeking out some time read further.


  4. I,too, stumbled into your blog. I’m a Harlan outland. Born in Harlan to parents that lived in Evarts. My family is from all over SE Kentucky and I still own some property over in Leslie County. It’s probably been 30 years since I’ve been in Harlan. Most of my people are dead or gone. But names like Evarts,Harlan, Lynch, Loyal, Brookside and Coldiron are forever etched in the fabric of my being. I, too, am a small bad ass. I would rather lose a fight than run.

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